kristina (deftina) wrote,


over the past couple weeks i've gotten to see so many old friends. it's really great to know i still have these wonderful people in my life. as well as the ones i've had everyday. i can't even describe how lucky i am to be surrounded by them.

and the boy of course. casper has done nothing but show me love even when im sitting there freaking out ultra girlfriend mode moody. he is so fucking amazing and i can honestly say i couldn't be more comfortable with someone or more in love. if ever two people fit together perfectly, it's us.

not to mention erik and i are planning a trip to kings dominion for fright fest!!! i am 78598654x8685+7 excited! i don't know who erik is inviting but i invited casper(duh)..if he can't make it i think i'll ask cici since it'll be on a sunday. woot woot! there's supposed to be some crazy elvira dealy too. awesome.

casper said it first, but i'm so copying his shitz....i couldn't be happier!!!!!
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