kristina (deftina) wrote,

"i'll be back in 5 to check on your water"

last night was totally awesome. i finally saw cici agian for the first time sicne she had left for europe. we had a falling out, aka i was a complete jerk when all she was doing was looking out for me. but as soon as she walked up to my door i just said "say it, say 'i told you so'"

anyway we went to bennigans for a drink and dinner to catch up. i'm really trying to stick with being a vegitarian(which is so hard after 21 years of eating meat...but i think whats done to these animals is so aweful and extremely gross)...and having dinner with cici makes that so easy. so we had awesome vegie burgers....our retarded waited asked how we wanted them cooked *sighs* and tried to refill our water every 5 damn minutes, asked about our drinks 100 times, kept babbling about tattoos. god he was annoying, and creepy. very creepy.
dinner was followed by icecream from ben and jerrys and then we saw the last kiss. that movie is pretty awesome if your single but depresses one in a relationship. it's basically a movie about cheating, love falling apart. uhg. definately a movie that makes you want to call your boyfriend and pray his cell isnt turned off.
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