kristina (deftina) wrote,

because some people just dont give the fuck up

when is the last time i spoke about you? when is the last time i even mentioned you to anyone...yeah, i called you a piece of crap like what...a month ago? but sure..thats what i do all day....of course...i dont have a fulltime job, or a boyfriend, friends or a life...nope..i just talk crap..i am just that big a loser..sure.
and hey, check your shit....last time i messaged you on myspace, which was weeks ago, it was to tell you to stop running YOUR mouth about my fucking retard. and sorry, didnt know not deleting someone from my lj ment i was trying to get attention. maybe they should make some instruction for this shit. i thought it just ment i was too lazy to care. but if you sleep better at night thinking i just simply cant get over this or what the fucking ever...go right ahead. i write about how good my life is now in MY lj and on MY blog(which you can really stop's kinda creepy) because im fucking happy. not to prove anything. i have every right to be proud of my realtionship, job and whatnot. the fact that you're reading all this and thinking it's somehow about you is fucking pathetic. get a life.
and yeah, my friends and i prank call everyone we think is stupid. god youre a fucking moron. i dont want your like you to kindly fade away now. youre just irriating me at this point.
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