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4 year trip to the dollor store....

so...i'm as giddy as a school girl...and being that i am just that, a girl, i will gush....
first i must say...WORK SUCKED. uhg. poop on cars dying in the rain...just poop on it.
buuuuuuuuut....i honestly can't be upset because after 4 years(and a break up that neither of us wanted, and couldn't help)i'm actually back together with casper. and seriously, awesome. it's fucking perfect. i'm so comfortable and so natural with's like the past 4 years never even happened. and i love him. i loved him when i walked away and those feelings never stopped, they just got put on hold. and now that we've gotten back together those feelings just overwhelmed me again. so i told him last night....and he felt the same.
fucking christ on a bicycle life is AWESOME right now.
seriously...pinch me...because i never thought we'd come together again..often hoped..but never thought it was possible. i am one fucking lucky lady.
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