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[15 Nov 2006|01:26am]
so casper got my these 2 vegetarian cook books the other week and i really want to cook something but i am way..way too lazy. hah, i suck at life.

in other news i unintentionally hurt someone i care deeply about...uhg, i suck at life again. i really hope things are ok, because i would never ever hurt her....and it was def a misunderstanding. seriously, the thought of not having her in my life again really hurts:o( i'm not pushing myself but i hope she knows i ment everything i said....

i went iceskating with casper sunday, for the first time in 12 years. it turned out to be a lot of fun...i didn't let go of his hand once, i was terrified of breaking my butt. i love that we do things together(aka more than just go drink and/or stay indoors all the time)..we go out and do the movie/dinner things..but we've also done so much more...museums, bowling, iceskating, themeparks, pumpkin patches<3...we get out a lot and experience a lot together. something i'm not really used to. we're like the uber couple...we'll make you want to vomitt. seriously.

what else...hhmmm...i miss craig and binky. i've been thinking about them a lot lately...those 2 are my best friends and live in different states....i talk to them both all the time but i've actually felt myself recently being more and more hurt by the fact that they aren't here....i'm too emotional...

(sorry..tired...randomness will occur) and tired because i work(spencers)..all the fucking time...i spent 5 days out in dulles working for their store pulling 13 hour days 5 days in a row...they set me up with a hotel and everything but i was the ONLY manager there...meaning i couldnt leave the store 9am to 10pm...only to grab food and run back....and i havent really had much of a day off since i got back a week ago....and to make matters worse casper and i are planning a vacation for a couple days early december and dave isn't really trying to give me a direct answer on whether he'll give me the time off or not..which is completely unfair considering all the work i've been doing for the company instore and traveling. uuhhhggg. i'm sure i'll get it but i'm angry i have to fight for it.

this woman needs sleep. i worked all morning..spent the evening with casper until he went to work..and now i can finally just relax...

[25 Oct 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i am so tired it hurts.....
the past couple days have been amazing. sunday erik, kelvin, casper and i went to kings dominion. such a great time, we did all the roller coasters in the afternoon and all the halloween stuff after dark.
i worked monday night. casper met me at work and came home with me for the night. we attempted to get up early which turned into 11-12ish...then we went to dc to the spy museum and got some food...such a good day.

i met up with cici later that night and we went to the otto bar. also a very awesome time.

i would go into detail but i am soooo beat. time for bed!

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[13 Oct 2006|06:36pm]
i am sober and loving it. my choice to stop drinking is one i can honestly say has been well made.

i don't in any way knock those who do drink, i just know it's not for me. wow, who'd of thought kristina would ever be straight edge?

p to the s....happy friday the 13th!

[05 Oct 2006|03:56pm]
so last night casper and i went to see the illusionist. it was an awesome movie. and as always a most enjoyable night. i have spent most all my free time with this kid and its just amazing. we are so perfect for eachother. anywho...
after a great night i wake up with a not so awesome flu. yeah hi thanks. i was supposed to look at a place to live in crofton today while casper went to band practice and instead i left work early to come home and rest. i feel like poop. ick.
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AWESOME [28 Sep 2006|02:58pm]
over the past couple weeks i've gotten to see so many old friends. it's really great to know i still have these wonderful people in my life. as well as the ones i've had everyday. i can't even describe how lucky i am to be surrounded by them.

and the boy of course. casper has done nothing but show me love even when im sitting there freaking out ultra girlfriend mode moody. he is so fucking amazing and i can honestly say i couldn't be more comfortable with someone or more in love. if ever two people fit together perfectly, it's us.

not to mention erik and i are planning a trip to kings dominion for fright fest!!! i am 78598654x8685+7 excited! i don't know who erik is inviting but i invited casper(duh)..if he can't make it i think i'll ask cici since it'll be on a sunday. woot woot! there's supposed to be some crazy elvira dealy too. awesome.

casper said it first, but i'm so copying his shitz....i couldn't be happier!!!!!
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"i'll be back in 5 to check on your water" [27 Sep 2006|03:33pm]
last night was totally awesome. i finally saw cici agian for the first time sicne she had left for europe. we had a falling out, aka i was a complete jerk when all she was doing was looking out for me. but as soon as she walked up to my door i just said "say it, say 'i told you so'"

anyway we went to bennigans for a drink and dinner to catch up. i'm really trying to stick with being a vegitarian(which is so hard after 21 years of eating meat...but i think whats done to these animals is so aweful and extremely gross)...and having dinner with cici makes that so easy. so we had awesome vegie burgers....our retarded waited asked how we wanted them cooked *sighs* and tried to refill our water every 5 damn minutes, asked about our drinks 100 times, kept babbling about tattoos. god he was annoying, and creepy. very creepy.
dinner was followed by icecream from ben and jerrys and then we saw the last kiss. that movie is pretty awesome if your single but depresses one in a relationship. it's basically a movie about cheating, love falling apart. uhg. definately a movie that makes you want to call your boyfriend and pray his cell isnt turned off.

firehouse.... [25 Sep 2006|07:34pm]
i am so ready to leave...UHG...casper get here already....i don't want to miss gabes band:o(
drive faaaaaassttttteeerrrrrrrrr

[20 Sep 2006|02:43pm]
while i may be harsh in delivery, i am justified in what i say. with or without my words you would have never made it in. i just made damn well sure. so go ahead and think it's all me, but the decision was already made before my mouth ever opened.
sad when you can't even get that far. pathetic you even tried to enter my world again. just back off. it's kinda creepy.

i am such a cunt [20 Sep 2006|02:10pm]
HA bitch.
oh wait, time for me to go to work at good old spencer gifts. i love my fucking job. it's really awesome to have.

[20 Sep 2006|01:39pm]
i have the most awesome boyfriend ever. ever ever ever.

he took me to see the deftones sunday night. it was awesome.

and last night he gave me these 2 really cool shirts, one has angel wings on the back and the other has more batlike demon wings.

he really gets me.


in other news some crap tried to leak into spencers. i love this company being so family like. we listen to eachother. and it wasn't personal. it's a simple fact of not being qualified, not giving real references and termination is never smiled upon. thank you and have a nice day. sleaze around someone elses company.

[17 Sep 2006|02:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

sometimes i feel so lost.
everything is in place right now but i lose sight of myself.
i'm so moody right now...my emotions are all over the place. i feel like laughing and crying all at once. even though everything is pefect.
wtf is wrong with me.
i pray it's not what keeps creeping into the back of my mind.
i was supposed to hang out with eric and joe last night but i was so tired i went striaght home after work and layed in bed lsitening to all 7 mixed cds casper made me. i felt so at peace. the cds were full of songs that made me smile to myself..some just stright up made me laugh...but i'd be lying if i said i didn't love the cheesiness.
speaking of casper i went to see his band play for the first time(since getting back together anyways) friday night. i had so much fun, it was an all ages show aka no alcohol or anything...so we snuck away with some rum:oP we laughed about the little kids all night and he satyed by my side the entire time. when his band played hekept my to his side of the stage and kissed me in between some songs.
i felt like a princess...in the "i got sweaty kisses" way:oP
i'm going to see him today considering next week i'll have zero time:o(
tomorrow i have to go close waldorf(spencers) then stay out there over night and open in the a.m. to finish their floor moves. im in my store wed, then i go out to dulles to help out thursday. i get friday off and im back in my store sat. i'm the traveling lady of spencers. uhg.

my stomache has been hurting none stop for almost a week. i am so tired.


because some people just dont give the fuck up [13 Sep 2006|07:48pm]
when is the last time i spoke about you? when is the last time i even mentioned you to anyone...yeah, i called you a piece of crap like what...a month ago? but sure..thats what i do all day....of course...i dont have a fulltime job, or a boyfriend, friends or a life...nope..i just talk crap..i am just that big a loser..sure.
and hey, check your shit....last time i messaged you on myspace, which was weeks ago, it was to tell you to stop running YOUR mouth about my brother...you fucking retard. and sorry, didnt know not deleting someone from my lj ment i was trying to get attention. maybe they should make some instruction for this shit. i thought it just ment i was too lazy to care. but if you sleep better at night thinking i just simply cant get over this or what the fucking ever...go right ahead. i write about how good my life is now in MY lj and on MY blog(which you can really stop reading...it's kinda creepy) because im fucking happy. not to prove anything. i have every right to be proud of my realtionship, job and whatnot. the fact that you're reading all this and thinking it's somehow about you is fucking pathetic. get a life.
and yeah, my friends and i prank call everyone we think is stupid. god youre a fucking moron. i dont want your attention..id like you to kindly fade away now. youre just irriating me at this point.

"you're making clunking noises and i love you" [10 Sep 2006|04:41pm]
i'm killing time until i have to leave for work....we have our halloween floor moves tonight. normally i would be extremely excited but i think i have the flu so my body is not wanting to to this...boo.

i got to hang out with erik, rob and cam in fells point the other night. it was a lot of fun....

casper brought me roses 2 days ago. and is now making me a whole bunch of afi cds and whatnot. i love him. hopefully get to see him after floor moves.

my head is a wreck...i'm too sick for this. i want sleep:o(

[09 Sep 2006|10:47am]
about to go to work.....uuhhgg it's early for a saturday morning....especially seeing how i worked thursday from 1-10....then stayed up all damn night with samir and cha..NO SLEEP...drove cha to work at 7:30am....came back home with samir....waited for casper....then drove samir to work at 1pm.....slept for maybe an hour....took capser to bennigans to chill with erik, eric, joe and ali.....and now off to work...ack.
thankfully it's spencers<3 so i'm happy to be there....
but i don't want to go....
i still have a casper sleeping in my bed...

[05 Sep 2006|11:34pm]
[ mood | loved ]

when i was living in essex i often missed home, my friends, my brother....the life i knew. i was always told if i came home it would never be the same.
well, it's not the same.....it's even fucking better. my my friends are all still here. we still all get together, "swing life away" and are close as can be. i'm back at spencers(back in the management) making even more money than i ever did at hot topic...fye...the salon..whatever. i have an amazing boyfriend who i am loving more than words can really explain.
everything i loved and missed has only expanded into bigger and better things.
this is my home. this is my family. these are my friends. this is my love. this is my life.

i have nothing but peace in my heart. this is a first.

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[03 Sep 2006|05:40pm]
it fits so perfectly.

this smile won't leave my face.

you are the amazing one.

4 year trip to the dollor store.... [01 Sep 2006|11:50pm]
[ mood | loved ]

so...i'm as giddy as a school girl...and being that i am just that, a girl, i will gush....
first i must say...WORK SUCKED. uhg. poop on cars dying in the rain...just poop on it.
buuuuuuuuut....i honestly can't be upset because after 4 years(and a break up that neither of us wanted, and couldn't help)i'm actually back together with casper. and seriously, awesome. it's fucking perfect. i'm so comfortable and so natural with him....it's like the past 4 years never even happened. and i love him. i loved him when i walked away and those feelings never stopped, they just got put on hold. and now that we've gotten back together those feelings just overwhelmed me again. so i told him last night....and he felt the same.
fucking christ on a bicycle life is AWESOME right now.
seriously...pinch me...because i never thought we'd come together again..often hoped..but never thought it was possible. i am one fucking lucky lady.


[30 Aug 2006|01:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

"you're not supposed to make my heart melt in two days"

yeah well, neither were you.

it's been so long but it barely feels so....your touch is the same.

i guess you were right when you said you'd be back.


swing life away [30 Aug 2006|01:01pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

I've been here so long, I think that it's time to move
The winter's so cold, summer's over too soon
Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow

I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand....until you hold my hand

I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse
Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words

We live on front porches and swing life away,
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave till the end,
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

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[26 Aug 2006|12:28pm]
last night was alot of fun. we watched return of the living dead 3 and zombies in the hood. i've said it before but i cannot say it enough, i love my friends so much. they never stop showing that they care and make me feel better than any relationship ever could. that's prolly part of the reason i was so unhappy in essex, i was missing so many people. casper called while i was still at eric's......i called him when i got back home and we talked for a tiny bit. it kinda feels like we never stopped talking.

today is walter's memorial/party. cam and james are picking erik and i up at 4pm....i feel kinda weird going into this but it's something i have to do.he didn't want a funeral...he wanted this.

today would have been his birthday. also the birthday oh my most intense x, and the birthday oh someone i really liked but kinda pulled a kristina on me. i think next august 26th i'll stay in bed.

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